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Warrior’s Prize, by Elena Douglas

Reviewed By: Jennifer Ibiam

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Reviewed By Jennifer Ibiam for Readers’ Favorite

A peaceful walk to see the Trojan princes with her husband marked the end of her tranquil life. Achilleus and the Achaeans invaded her home, Lyrnessos, and wiped out the males on the order of King Agamemnon. It was a series of losses for Briseis. First, her husband fell, then her beloved brother and her unborn baby. On top of that, she became a captive and Achilleus’ war prize. Briseis swore to avenge the deaths of her kin. However, her troubles had only just begun as she found herself in the enemy camp on a quest for survival. With everything taken from her, romantic feelings for Achilleus, and the jealous, bitter Aglaia threatening her life, what choice would Briseis make? Vengeance or passion? Find out in Warrior’s Prize by Elena Douglas.

Warrior’s Prize by Elena Douglas is a wonderful novel, one that deserves to be on the big screen. I loved everything about it, from the plot to the storyline, writing style, and historical flavor. The themes explored included honor, betrayal, loyalty, survival, war, wit, and the quest for power. Douglas created a cast of memorable characters that I connected with, like Diomede, Andromache, Briseis, Patroklos, and more. They were strong in their ways and flawed, yet fair and lovable. Briseis falling from one trouble to another brought me a cocktail of emotions, especially when the feelings crept in. She had the courage of a thousand warriors, which I admired. Douglas is a gifted storyteller, and I hope to read more from her.

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