Here is the cover art for WARRIOR’S PRIZE.  It definitely aligns with the mood of the book. Here is the blurb on the back:

Briseis’ world is shattered when her hometown is sacked thanks to its proximity to Troy at the height of the ancient war. The great Achaean warrior Achilleus kills her husband and takes her as a captive slave, and her loyal heart fills with the desire for revenge. Beautiful yet embittered, Briseis soon struggles with feelings for the brave and noble Achilleus, but finds herself a pawn as he battles his ruthless king, Agamemnon. Briseis, pushed and pulled between a man she loves and another she loathes, realizes she must find a way to escape the bonds of men and the horrors of war to control her own destiny. Even in the midst of slaughter, when all seems hopeless and the bravest warriors fall, she must discover her courage and reclaim her life.


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