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It takes hold from the first pages and never lets up until up until it reaches a shattering and shocking climax.Bud Gundy, author, two-time Emmy winning producer, PBS

The far past comes alive in this historical novel with a cast of unforgettable characters. A story that lingers in the mind long after the book is closed. Cleo Jones, author of Sister Wives and The Case of the Fragmented Woman

Authentic details bring Ancient Greece to life. A must-read for lovers of historical fiction. —Patricia Elmore, mystery writer and Edgar nominee

The suspense never lets up and builds to an unexpected and satisfying ending. —Charlene Weir, mystery writer, winner of Domestic Malice Award

Homer describes his heroes as speaking “winged words.” For Elena Douglas, words have wings. Everything in her life came together the moment she put pen to paper to begin her first novel: her interest in the ancient world, her zeal for Greek mythology, her sense of adventure, her desire to tell a passionate and perilous love story. Douglas, whose everyday name is Barbara Brunetti, cut her teeth on a child’s version of the Iliad and Odyssey, which her mother read to her when she was eight. It was then that the stories she wanted to tell began to take form in her mind. She would recount them to herself as an escape from an unsettled childhood characterized by a virulent custody battle between her parents that took place over seven years and two continents. That’s how it all began.